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  • 2017/09/06【東京☆】Life's Delicious Moments❤️ by Dr.Mami vol.35 - The guided meditation for the Pisces full moon

    番組を聴く 一時停止

    Delicious Full moon Healing Project with Love & Gratitude♥

     We all have the ability to restore and balance our wholesomeness of body, mind and soul/spirit through being in resonance and harmony with the Mother Nature. And we have shared such a precious ritual with others, strengthening the sense of belonging, community and trust. That is how our ancestor healed people, built civilization, enriched life through learning and experiencing the great gratitude and joy of living with the Nature.

    Full moon is said to be a perfect timing for energy clearing and releasing so that I would like to offer remote healing to the world and anyone who would like to receive it and share the powerful experience together 


    What do you need to release?


    What do you want to be free from?


    What do you need to heal?


    Since it is a remote healing, you can receive and participate in from ANYWHERE in the world! 

    When individuals are healed,the ripple effects are created to change surroundings  including couple, family, work society, world and the universe.

    Isn’t that amazing??


    It is a FREE project, so please join me and invite your family and friends too:)!


    All you need is to put your intention, and many of us are collectively doing so together manifesting the magical healing power!

    This program is brought you by Dr Mami, the naturopathic doctor trained in Canada and now living in Tokyo, Japan.
    She is running the internet radio station there right nowand on this full moon day, she is resuming her full moon meditation & healing projetc that she has been doing in Canada (http://mydeliciousmoments.com/event/delicious-moon-healing-project-%E2%99%A5/). 

    This full moon has a very purifying energy, and the theme is peace, acceptance, compassion, imagination, happiness, integration, and harmony.

    Please enjoy!

    【Music credit】
    Spiritual Healing Music by Kazuki Okada


    1. The Morning In Heaven

    2. Mother's Day

    3. Let's Pervade ( Our Hearts )



    パーソナリティ 癒しのDr.まみ (柳井真美)
    公開日 2017/09/06
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